Monitor and manage your energy usage with Luceo Insight

How Luceo Insight can help

Measure and verify

See real-time energy usage and track trends over time, across multiple sites or equipment

Monitor and report

Create reports for carbon emission schemes and ESG reporting.

Track performance vs objectives

Set your business’ energy efficiency objectives, and track your performance over time.

Integrate with existing systems

Luceo Insight can be integrated with existing infrastructure, such as Building Management Systems.

Detect Faults

Identify loss of power or high energy usage equipment.

Import data from existing devices

Import data to the Luceo Platform from existing devices such as smart meters or other sensors.

Who is Luceo Insight For?





The Luceo Link Device

Your low-cost data acquisition solution

Luceo provides low-cost measurement hardware and data services to unlock the value of the Luceo Insight platform.

Available with both split-core CTs and Rogowski coils for different cable sizes, the Luceo Link device is designed to measure both single- and three-phase loads, giving reliable, safe and secure access to data to monitor and manage your energy usage without requiring re-wiring. The device is also designed to use LTE if the site LAN is firewalled.

WIFI & Bluetooth
1 Minute Data
Last Gasp Message
Power Quality
Neutral Integrity Alerts
Class 1 Metering
Load Control
Single & Three-Phase

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