luceo is developing software to help electricity distributors manage consumer-owned devices across low voltage networks.

Network operators are struggling to accommodate the growth of rooftop solar, which Australians are installing at world-leading rates.

“While everyone is looking to smart meters as the solution to the network data issue, the reality is, that outside of Victoria, smart meter penetration is still low while rooftop solar gets installed at record pace…Current smart meters are often optimised for billing purposes only and getting access to smart meter data is often difficult.” Patrick Matweew, CEO luceo

As more energy flows from solar homes into the grid, not just in one direction from large centralised power stations, network operators are looking for new ways to maintain the stability of the network and maximise the value of individual consumer-owned assets like rooftop solar and home batteries.

Better visibility in the low voltage networks will help consumers in multiple ways. Not only does luceo energy, in combination with the project consortium, aim to unlock additional DER capacity, we also look to demonstrate that visibility supports better investment decisions in network infrastructure. That will improve the quality of supply while keeping the cost low.

“The project could increase the value delivered by renewables by determining a ‘sweet spot’ between investment in data monitoring and visibility of DER to ensure that the right level of investment is applied, ultimately benefiting all key stakeholders from DNSPs, regulators and ultimately the customer,” he said.

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