Analytics for the energy network of tomorrow

Luceo Vision offers network analytics and real-time insights to manage the decentralised energy systems of tomorrow. View critical network parameters from every feeder in the network on one clear task-oriented dashboard.

Luceo Vision’s unique suite of solutions enables network operators to manage their existing and emerging challenges with an effective, real-time energy data platform and visualisation tools.

Respond to neutral integrity failures in real-time

Perform network analytics across all your data sources

Schedule customer loads to soak up excess solar

Monitor power quality throughout your LV network

Monitor power quality throughout your LV network

Digital transformation of energy networks

Luceo Vision supports and enables the safe and affordable digital transformation of energy networks.

The Luceo Vision Solution

Lighting up low voltage networks

Luceo Vision provides visibility and insight into low voltage networks like never before.

Energy distribution networks face a multitude of challenges, from voltage issues caused by DER or industrial loads, to aging assets, power outages caused by natural disasters to customer safety issues caused by degrading neutral connections. Often there is data available from many different sources, but with gaps in the data and no means to analyse the data together in an actionable and timely manner.

Luceo Vision provides real-time insights into distribution network performance, utilising a suite of analytics that can improve customer safety, manage power quality issues, detect outages and much more.

Manage large, distributed loads in a predictable manner

Luceo provides a low-cost alternative to existing demand response systems that integrate seamlessly into the Luceo solution to provide visibility and control.

The balance of supply and demand is ever-changing as more distributed renewable energy resources enter the modern electrical grid. Network operators need to meet, shift and reduce loads in a coordinated manner, which requires more sophisticated tools to analyse, predict and provide real-time control and feedback.

Whether you are looking to manage your peak demand, balance loads, reduce your exposure to the wholesale market, or provide customers with rewards for load management, Luceo provides the capability to deliver the results you are trying to achieve.

Turn roof-top solar from a problem to a solution

Manage the DER fleet for the entire distribution network with a secure, standards-based utility server and network-centric user interface.

Today’s energy networks are installing roof-top solar at a record rate. This comes with benefits and challenges. The challenges to network operators include local over-voltage conditions, transformer over-loading, and in extreme cases minimum demand issues.

Using Luceo, the solar fleet connected to the distribution network can become asset for resolving power quality issues, maintaining network stability and protecting network infrastructure.

The Luceo Vision Platform

The Luceo platform allows for connection of millions of diverse energy data sources.

The Luceo platform is designed to manage the large volumes of diverse data streams that power the Luceo solutions portfolio. Data security and integrity are assured by the platform’s best-practice design and supporting infrastructure.

Designed to be open and compatible with third party solutions and to integrate with existing back-end systems and other data platforms, the Luceo platform can process data from a diverse range of sources including smart meters, transformer monitors, DER, LuceoLink monitors and more.

Deployed and in use by Australian DNSPs with proven reliability, performance and scale.

Data Security & Integrity

The Luceo platform is a cloud-based solution based on Microsoft Azure infrastructure and services, with all data hosted in the region of origin.

The Luceo platform architecture uses best-practice data management and encryption strategies ensuring that data safety is never compromised, allowing solutions to be scaled to meet each organisation’s needs.

Configurable SaaS

No two energy networks are the same, and the Luceo platform’s modular architecture allows solutions to be tailored to meet the needs of each organisation. Each module or suite of analytics can be enabled, disabled, customised or extended according to changing requirements.

Add and amend subscriptions as necessary, and take advantage of new features as they become available.

Data Diversity

We believe that data diversity is a valuable asset for our customers, rather than a complication.

The Luceo platform can ingress data from any energy data source, perform analytics across the data, and then visualise the data or stream data and results back into existing systems.

Luceo Vision Devices

Unlock the full value of the Luceo Vision platform with our low-cost devices

For scenarios where measurement hardware is not already available, or existing (e.g. smart meter) data is difficult to access across organisational boundaries. Luceo provides low-cost hardware data backhaul options to unlock the value of the platform.


Low cost, low-bandwidth uni-directional data transfer using Sigfox.


4G radio for secure, bi-directional transmission of messages. Also suitable for load control.


Single and dual phase energy and power monitor. DIN mount or surface mount options.


3-phase energy and power monitor. DIN mount surface mount or Distribution Transformer options.